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Content is an informal organization providing volunteer management and technical services to non-profit organizations whose goals are consistent with the services and skill sets available, and whose operating principles align with those of the volunteers being requested. 

Welcome To GEEKS On RaDIOS is the home for technology volunteers involved with organizations where computing and radio technology are cooperatively married to achieve non-profit goals.

Galcom International is one organization where has been involved in the design, sourcing, logistics, and installation of Christian FM broadcast stations in a variety of countries worldwide. This involves assisting in the design and building of radio station studios, refurbishing and installing computer systems, and building in-house and point-to-point computer networks over wire-line and wireless to deliver the Christian message of the good news about Jesus the Christ.

Volunteers provide these services at no cost to the recipients, viewing it as an opportunity to contribute in a positive manner to Christian ministries.  

Amateur radio individuals, computer technicians, as well as other professional management and technical disciplines may be involved on the project team.

For similar organizations to the one above, where technical help is needed to assist in achieving goals, then please check out the Contact Us tab on how to open discussions.