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About Us

Geeks On Radios is made up of retiree volunteers who have a preference to assist with Christian gospel outreach projects, while each project having merit is assessed for its match and benefit. Non-profit organizations are the target benefiting organizations as they reach out to help worldwide.

Skill set and experience set areas that are available at this time include:

- Professional project/program management (Project Management Institute accredited)
- Windows configuration, rebuilding, troubleshooting (Windows XP through Windows 10)
- Laptop computer refurbishment (Windows only)
- Studio design
- Transmitter installation (up to 1000 watts)
- Transmitter through multi-element Antenna installation
- Over-the-air links from studio to transmitter
- Onsite installation
- Pre-staging, purchasing, and logistics

Availability of appropriate volunteers depends on individual plans, personal costs to engage on the project, and the scope/requirements of the project/program.